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Free Site Surveys

Do you have an old UPS system which you are considering replacing?

We will send an experienced, trained technician to assess your current power protection system that includes:

  • Detailed report on the condition of your existing UPS system
  • Analysis of the efficiency and viability of your current system
  • Potential cost/energy savings projection with the payback period for replacing an older, inefficient UPS model with newer technology


Are you planning to install a new UPS system?

At this critical planning stage we will support and advise you with a detailed site survey which includes:

  • Determining the load you want to put on the UPS system
  • Establishing your desired run time
  • Checking the space you have available for the UPS system and batteries
  • Discussing potential integration with a generator
  • Discussing your requirements regarding integration into your existing battery monitoring system or remote monitoring options


If you are interested in a free site survey providing you with a quote based on your requirements and the options discussed  please request a quote today and we will contact you to schedule your site survey.



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