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Medical Solutions

Sometimes a power outage is when medical help is needed most.  Medical facilities absolutely must continue functioning in the worst conditions, to receive and treat victims of natural disasters, but we know natural disasters often result in power outages.  P3 can help you be prepared for a disaster by providing solutions to keep your facility up and running when the power is out.
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Industrial Solutions

Precision Power Protection does just what its name says.  If the power is out, our equipment will protect your operations and keep your business functioning.  The proposals we offer are designed specifically for your business, and we will work with your engineering and information systems staff to ensure you get what you request and need. Further, the periodic maintenance we provide will give you peace of mind for continued operations.  P3 stands behind its name.
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Small Business Solutions

Nearly every business today, no matter its size, depends on computers as part of its function.  Let P3 help you set up your computer operations and provide the power protection you need to keep your business up and running.
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About Us

Got power?  If you’ve got power, you’re in business, but businesses that suddenly find themselves in the dark—literally—know it’s vital to get the lights on again . . . and that it’s absolutely essential for computer operations to continue functioning even when the lights are out.  And that’s where Precision Power Protection, Inc. steps in.

P3 has been the light at the end of the tunnel for businesses for over 25 years now.  Run by a north Florida native, P3 is family-owned and operated.  P3’s qualified team has clients all over the U.S., and P3 is always ready to go where there’s a need for reliable power.

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