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Precision Power Protection, Inc.

Our company, Precision Power Protection, Inc.—also known as P3/MedSystems—has been in the business of keeping customers running for over 25 years now. P3 is a family-run business, and we take our customers’ needs seriously. We understand that the uninterrupted operation of electrical equipment is absolutely vital to keeping your business functioning, and we provide the service and expertise necessary to ensure your equipment will continue to function when there is a power outage.

Our services include installation and startup of power backup systems, and our cost-effective service contracts include the scheduling of routine periodic maintenance checks of your system, with battery replacement on a predetermined basis, as well as emergency site visits and repair.

Under the P3 umbrella, MedSystems’ independent techs provide on-call repair services at hospitals throughout the country. Because the support our independent contractors provide is absolutely vital to the hospital’s primary focus—saving lives—these contractors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to respond to emergency calls for equipment repair.

Whether your business is a government facility that maintains and provides vital information and services to its citizens during times of crisis, a medical center that must continue to function under adverse weather conditions, or any other business, large or small, that depends on power to ensure access to records and schedules to manufacture or deliver goods in a timely manner, you know electrical power is vital to keep your business operating. If you choose Precision Power Protection to provide power protection services for your business, we will be there when you need us. It really is that simple.


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