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Eaton 5115 Tower UPS

Eaton 5115 Tower UPS

The Eaton 5115 UPS offers surge protection and line-interactive backup power for entry level servers, small networking devices, point-of-sale (POS) devices and desktop PCs. The 5115 UPS significantly extends battery service life with ABM technology and delivers smooth, continuous power with a pure sine wave output while regulating incoming voltage fluctuations.


Product Description

Eaton 5115 Tower Features

  • Delivers smooth, continuous power with Buck and Boost voltage regulation and pure sine wave output
  • Extends battery service life and optimizes battery recharge time with ABM technology
  • Protects networked equipment from “back door” surges coming over LAN or telephone lines
  • Minimizes downtime with hot-swappable batteries
  • Delivers control and visibility with free power management software featuring an intuitive user interface
  • Communicates via both serial and USB communications ports

Documentation: Brochure |Technical Specifications User Guide



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