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Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe

The Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP) is a device that enables the Web/SNMP adapters and web enabled ePDUS to monitor also temperature, humidity and the status of two additional contact devices, such as a smoke detector or open-door sensor. The information from the EMP is available on the web interface as well as through SNMP. All notification methods such as email can be utilized and if user-defined thresholds are exceeded protected computers can be shut down in a controlled fashion with shutdown software.

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Product Description

Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe

Features and Benefits

  • Monitors temperature, humidity, and status of two contacts/sensors
  • Works with any Eaton BladeUPS or Powerware series UPS with a ConnectUPS Web/SNMP card
  • Can be located up to 20 meters from the UPS
  • Measures ambient temperatures between -20 ºand 80 ºC
  • Measures relatively humidity between 10 and 90 percent
  • Displays status on Web page or network management system
  • Supports user-defined thresholds for temperature, humidity, and contact closure status
  • Supports graceful shutdown of affected equipment
  • Auto-sends alarms via email
  • Sends SNMP alarms to network management systems


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