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Eaton S Series Rack – Optimized for Efficiency

Eaton’s S series is the industry leading enclosure system and is compatible with virtually all major servers, switches and other networking equipment. The S series family provides unparalleled levels of storage, cooling, power integration, cable management and a broad range of rack accessories.

The S series provides optimized solutions – balancing the requirements of airflow management, greater power demands and increased cabling. From a seal between hot and cold air environments to flexible brushed network tops, to dual rear PDU mounting with no additional bracket – the S Series family of enclosures can help you solve your most demanding data center challenges.

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Product Description


    • Enhanced frame ensures zero leakage around the front perimeter and also features oval grommets in front frame verticals for cable pass-thru between racks.
      * ePDU mounting provisions incorporated in the frame to provide optimized mounting for up to 2 ePDU’s on each side in the rear; minimizes any issues with ePDU mounting in rackmount space
    • High flow single front door with 75 percent open perforation pattern
    • High flow split rear door with 75 percent open perforation pattern
    • Top panel with two six inch wide brushed openings for

cable egress

  • Standard models available with side or divider panels
  • 19 inch EIA-310 vertical mounting rails (quantity four) with U-markings
  • Vertical blanking panels (quantity two) with cable pass-thru for 30 inch wide models only
  • Integrated cable trough for overhead cable distribution
  • Grounding pre-installed
  • Color: Black

Documentation: S Series Brochure and Telescopic Chimney



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